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About Us

Together We Can?

  • Transform one village at a time

  • Provide Clean water

  • Educate ,feedclothe, Provide free feminine hygiene products & build Play grounds

Love Made A Way Ministries mission is to empower and build up one village or community at a time. Our goal is to meet the physical needs and challenges that impoverished communities face. 


Building lasting relationships and infrastructures such as schools, feeding programs, health care facilities,  clean water, churches and farming projects. Our goal is to see villages become completely self sustainable.

When Love makes A Way for the physical needs it also Makes A Way for the spiritual needs leading people to the cross and Salvation.

Our heart is to disciple one who will disciple their village and that village will change that region and that region will change the country and that country will disciple the world one soul at a time. 

Spread the love,

How you can help

Buy a farm Animal

Send a child to School,Buy a brick for a building,Sponsor a Sewing project

Sign up for a ministry trip

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