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" Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,

nothing is going to get better

It's just not!"

Dr. Seuss 

Playgrounds and

Family Discipleship

Love Made A Way Ministries has now built two playgrounds. The first being in Partnership with Streams Of Life Church and Lighthouse Primary School In Mengo kampala. We built this playground after identifying a need in this community for a safe place for children and families to gather and build memories. We saw children playing on the roads and in gutters and children losing their lives by playing in places that were not safe. The playground discipleship program goal is to mentor kids and families showing them the love of God and seeing them planted into the local church.

Our second playground was built in partnership with our first school built in Otichi Village in Northern Uganda past Gulu. Our current primary school needed a safe place for children to play and be kids, As often their days are filled with labour and school work. Kids need time to be kids!

Our Mission
legacy Village School.jpg


Love Made A Way Ministries felt the call to empower our first village which was Otichi Village. Otichi Village is one of the most remote villages in Northern Uganda about 1.5 to 2 hours from the nearest town depending on the road conditions. We are currently teaching pre K to grade 7.


Our goal is to add on a classroom block every two years or as funds become available. We recently constructing our third block of classrooms. Love Made A Way Ministries believes education is key to seeing change in our communities. We provide free education for all of those in the village. 

Clean Drinking Water:

Love Made A Way Ministries has built four drinking wells now. One of the leading causes of death in developing communities in unclean drinking water. This leads to many health concerns and even death. We were seeing people in Otichi Village drinking from the same watering hole as the livestock and where people would bathe, wash clothes. We were seeing children die from parasites and waterborne diseases. Since building (three in Otichi) clean drinking wells we have not seen one death or sickness due to waterborne illnesses in over 4 years!!


Church Plants

Love Made A WayMinistries  heart is to lead people to the cross where we hope each individual we come into contact with sees the healing, delivering, life changing power of a God who loves them and accepts Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. We have now helped to plant two churches. The first being King Jesus Church in Busega with Pastor Rapheal and Allen Kujubi. The second church plant is in Otichi Village. In Otichi Village Streams of Life Church we have seen the whole community transformed for Jesus. Four years ago when we first decided to partner with Otichi Village we saw less than a 10 percent born again rate but we are now at over 90 percent born again rate and seeing more and more people coming to Jesus every day!! 

Farming and sustainability

Love Made A Way Ministries heart is to see Jesus come into a community overtaken by poverty and see Poverty turn into Prosperity! We have started to help this village become completely self sustainable. Our goal is to use Otichi Village as our model to see the same impact take place in many other villages. We have started a farming project where we have live stock such as goats, pigs, chickens, doves, bees and turkeys. Our fruit and vegetable farming help to keep our feeding program costs lower by growing the food our self's. Most recently we planted 10 acers of coffee! Teaching this trade will help our village feed our students as well as their families and help us grow another village! 

Our Village church.jpg


Love Made A Way Ministries Believes when Jesus walks into a place sickness has to go! First and foremost our nurse prays for the patients that come into our clinic. We have seen many healings and miracles take place. However we do believe in the need for doctors and medical aid. We currently run a small clinic and pharmacy in Otichi Village. We have seen many lives saved through this project including seeing two people die be brought back to life through CPR. We also deal with mental health, suicide watches and asssesments as well as women’s health. We also provide malaria testing and treatments.

Feeding Program

Pocket Pals Pads

Love Made A Way Ministries Heart is to Empower girls and women with dignity and the ability to stay in school and work while on their monthly cycles. Our heart is to remove the stigma and cultural barriers that have been taught wrongly to these girls. Often girls are forced to miss school, drop out of school, marry young, become pregnant, sell their bodies for money to buy pads or work endless hours plowing fields to make enough to buy pads. Often these girls feel helpless and feel embarrassed. Love Made A Way Ministries started a program called Pocket Pals which are Washable/ Reusable Pads. These pads provide the girls with a sense of pride and security when having their monthly cycles. We have handed out over 4500 pads for free to girls in remote villages and schools this year. Our pads have gone to four different countries now!!

Sports outreach and empowering programs

Sports bring communities and families together through healthy competitive programs. It brings a sense of pride and belonging. We have two sports outreach programs we work and partner with. The first being the Legacy Village football club. Our first year having a young men’s soccer team we brought home the district trophy! This was the first trophy to ever be brought back to this village!! Through our sports programs we also believe in mentorship and discipleship! Love Made A Way Ministires partners with Memory Tom and Fathers Heart Ministries which is a outreach to the girls in slum communities who are at high risk of human trafficking, teen marriages, gang life, prostitution and teen pregnancy. We work with his ministry to provide jerseys and other equipment to help empower these girls.

Burn Treatments and Emergency Medical care

Love Made A Way Ministries believes that sometimes when crisis hits it is the best time to love people where they are at and show them Christ's love in Action. We have treated and provided education of burn treatment and prevention in our communities we work with and have helped provide hospitalization and medical fees for burn victims in our community. Where we are located there in no other option other than a miracle or help from our ministry we have provided emergency medical treatment and saved many lives that would not be here if it wasn’t for people like you who support our ministry.


Itinerant ministry

Kira the Founder of Love Made A Way Ministries is a passionate preacher, teacher. Her heart is to empower the body of Christ to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Kira has a bubbly personality and warm welcoming heart. Kira preaches with miracles, healings, signs and wonders that follow her ministry. Love Made A Way Ministries has ministered throughout Canada, USA, Australia, Europe,Caribbean, Middle East, and Africa. If you would like to book Kira to minister in your church, conference or missions event please send us an email and we would love to come and share with you. Love Made A Way Ministries core value is to preach the gospel everywhere we go. Crusade ministry is a passion of Kiras as in whole village transformation. Kira desires to see the church rise up and learn that the same power that rose Jesus from the dead is for all of us to receive. We just need to tap into what the Father is doing and be His hands and Feet!

Women mentorship

Hearts on Fire: Love Made A Way Ministries believes in seeing women ministers, and women being creative and using the gifts God has given them. Through mentorship, internship Kira has spoken into the lives of women all over the world! Her heart is to see women preach the gospel to their children and their communities. Love Made A Way Ministries also works with the local women in villages to empower them to provide for their families. We also host a women’s blessing night where we take women out of extreme poverty and pamper them as queens for a day!!

dress a girl.jpg

Dress a Girl

Love Made A Way Ministries has partnered with the Catholic Women's League to provide dresses for girls in developing nations who may not have a nice dress. We together want to make each girl feel loved and special and know that she is a daughter of the most High God and is valuable! 

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